Abortion Research Thoughts

I find that there are a lot of articles which discuss abortion, which is very understandable since it is a very controversial topic and everyone has different opinions on it. But what I see the most is the new law which has been passed in Texas, regarding the heartbeat of the baby. The law which was recently passed states that the baby cannot be aborted after a heartbeat is detected, which is often before women know they are pregnant. This law is also not very specific at around how many weeks that would be, so it is subjective to doctors that perform the procedure. If the procedure is done, there is a very high opportunity that the doctor can be sued, as well as anyone else involved. This then makes it very difficult for women to have a safe abortion, therefore there is a very high chance the female will attempt to have an abortion with things which are available to her at home. In most of my research I have found that so many women die trying to perform an abortion at home, this is a very risky thing that should be performed by someone with medical knowledge rather than a “DIY.” My research has shown me how complex this topic is and how broad it can be. But I have also realized that there are many reasons , both scientific and social for which a woman should have abortions available in a safe environment.

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