Journal Entry #2

Being apart of the Baruch community as a Bearcat is already a huge honor. I believe that being a Bearcat requires all of us to be welcoming and friendly to make our college experiences better. It is up to each of us to keep a good positive environment for one another and our staff. Students, professors, administrators, faculty, etc., should all work together to keep us all united with one common goal– success.

In addition to being a Bearcat, I am also a Baruch Scholar. Alongside the academic requirements, as a Baruch Scholar I believe we all have a duty to help our peers. The Honors Program at Baruch helps us with so much and gives us amazing opportunities as far as studying abroad, our amazing advisors/mentors, and so much more! I think it is only right that we give back to them in some way.  We can do this by offering help in the tutoring services that Baruch offers at the SACC, volunteer to help at the Writing center, or just by simply being a team player.

Whether you are a Baruch Scholar, apart of SEEK, a Provost’s Scholar, etc., we are all on the same team– TEAM ¬†BARUCH! It’s a bit hard coming together with Baruch being a very large commuter school but the challenge makes it all even more fun. We all must work together and use each of our individual talents to better our school and community. The journey to success is a long and hard one but together we can all reach our goals.

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