“High Velocity Travel and Safe Delivery”

When reading “Composing for Recomposition: Rhetorical Velocity and Delivery” It made me realize my work could eventually be used by another person to further the work I have started with our campaign.  “Remixing—or the process of taking old pieces of text, images, sounds, and video and stitching them together to form a new product—is how individual writers and communities build common values” Ridolfo and DeVoss (2009) this quote in particular made me feel this way.  I started this campaign about Pittsburgh’s structurally deficient bridges because of information I have read about from other writers.  For my campaign, it is a mixture of different writers’ work compiled with my own information and organized in a way I believe can intrigue more writers to write about this topic.

Delivery is one of the most important aspects of giving a presentation or giving a speech to a group of people.  I am sure just like me, you have heard a presentation where the speaker was either not loud enough, or spoke in a very monotone voice throughout.  These make a presentation very hard to pay attention to regardless of the information they are presenting to you.  Aristotle said “These are the three things—volume of sound, modulation of pitch, and rhythm—that a speaker bears in mind.” Ridolfo and DeVoss (2009).

An issue our campaign can see is time and place of our audience.  While we are trying to raise awareness to the general public about the Pittsburgh bridge issue, it will be changing over time.  “It can no longer be assumed, even in a contemporary instance of oral delivery, that the time, place, and medium of delivery will necessarily be the same for both the speaker and the speaker’s audiences.” Ridolfo and DeVoss (2009).  This quote from Ridolfo and DeVoss is very accurate for our situation because more information and situations are happening throughout the year on these brides.  For now we are targeting the general public to raise awareness, but in the future our campaign could play a role in presenting to legislatures to gain funding.

When creating this campaign, we are constantly thinking of what this could turn into in the future.  By writing a news article, we are making it easy to access and pull information quickly for a third party to continue on and push agenda farther.  By being able to access our information quick and easily, it gives more opportunity for another person to run with our information.

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  1. I really liked how you brought up the point that work from our own campaigns could potentially be used by others to further develop these campaigns in the future. By making information appealing and accessible to an audience, an author can spark interest and form a larger community advocating for a certain cause. Delivery, as you mentioned, is extremely important when presenting information to an audience. It cannot be the presentation alone that grasps one’s attention, but the manner in which it is supplied to them as well. For my second campaign piece, I am creating a slideshow that is designed to be presented to adolescents about the stigmas of mental health. For this to be successful, I not only have to make the substance of the presentation intriguing, but I must also ensure that my tone and pitch of voice are not too monotone. If I do not maintain an engaging oral delivery, then I will lose my audience’s interest overtime. I also liked how you brought up the point that the primary purpose of your campaign could change overtime. New information and situations will arise and to adapt to that you may have to adjust your campaign to maintain its effectiveness. It’s important to keep your campaign updated because it will ensure your information is accessible so others can retrieve it and possibly further your agenda in the future.

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