OMEGA Schedule

The Omega Research Seminar Series primarily focus on operations and supply chain management, which oftentimes interface with marketing, economics, statistics, computer science, and information systems. The featured talks will utilize various operations research, optimization and/or economics-based theories (such as game theory, principal agent models, behavioral economics) with business applications in retail, supply chain, healthcare and service industries. Omega seminars are typically held on select Tuesdays at 12:30-1:45pm at the Newman Vertical Campus. (Exceptions will be noted.) For inquiries, please contact Prof. Tolga Aydinliyim by  email.

CURRENT AND FUTURE EVENTS (Last updated on February 1, 2019.)

20-Sep-18 (10:45am) 14-269 Nagesh Gavirneni Cornell Co-opetition in Service Clusters with Waiting-Area Entertainment
13-Nov-18 14-275 David Dreyfus Rutgers Operating Room Disruptions
27-Nov-18 (10:45am) 14-290 Yao Zhao Rutgers Shipping Unpredictable Demand for Online Sellers: Risk Penalty vs. Flat Rate
4-Dec-18 14-275 Andrew Davis Cornell Private Information and Endogenous Matching in Supply Chains: Theory and Experiments
5-Feb-19 14-270 Yunchao Xu NYU On Withholding Capacity From Strategic Patients
5-Mar-19 9-215 Lauren Lu UNC TBD
12-Mar-19 14-280 Fei Gao Indiana TBD
19-Mar-19 14-270 Vishal Agrawal Georgetown Non-ownership Business Models for Solar Energy
2-Apr-19 14-275 Enno Siemsen Wisconsin TBD
9-Apr-19 9-215 Mark Ferguson South Carolina TBD
30-Apr-19 14-275 Ozalp Ozer UT Dallas TBD
Fall 2019 TBD Vishal Gaur Cornell TBD



2017 – 2018 Academic Year:

19-Sep-17 14-240 Wenbo (Selina) Cai NJIT A Principal-Agent Problem with Heterogeneous Demand Distribution for a Carbon Capture and Storage System
26-Sep-17 14-240 Suresh Muthulingam Penn State Does Learning from Inspections Affect Environmental Performance? Evidence from Unconventional Well Development in Pennsylvania
3-Oct-17 14-240 Elena Katok UT Dallas Negotiating Supply Contracts
10-Oct-17 14-240 Kyle Hyndman UT Dallas Understanding the Behavioral Drivers of Execution Failures in Retail Supply Chains: An Experimental Study Using Virtual Reality
17-Oct-17 14-240 Sripad Devalkar Indian School of Business  Payment for Results: Funding Non-Profit Operations
21-Nov-17 14-240 Tingliang Huang Boston College Dynamic Management of Opaque Selling When Customers Use Anecdotal Reasoning
28-Nov-17 14-240 Meng Li Rutgers Beneficial Consumer Returns
27-Feb-18 14-280 Maqbool Dada Johns Hopkins Pricing Ancillary Service Subscriptions
1-Mar-18 14-270 Levent Kocaga Yeshiva Operational Perils and Benefits of Free Trials in Large Scale Service Systems
27-Mar-18 14-290 Gilvan Souza Indiana The Value of Battery Energy Store for Energy Shifting
10-Apr-18 14-270 Maxime Cohen NYU Frustration-based Promotions: Field Experiments in Ride-Sharing
24-Apr-18 14-270 Robert Bray Northwestern Ration Gaming and the Bullwhip Effect
1-May-18 14-240 Robert Swinney Duke Becoming Strategic: The Endogenous Determination of Time Preferences and Its Implications for Multiperiod Pricing
15-May-18 14-240 Ilan Lobel NYU  Surge Pricing and Its Spatial Supply Response

2016 – 2017 Academic Year:

8-Sep-16 14-240 Ozge Sahin Johns Hopkins The Impact of Consumer Search Cost on Assortment Planning and Pricing
11-Oct-16 14-240 Ken Boyer Ohio State Enhancing Outcomes in Healthcare: Studies on Process Improvement and Healthcare IT Impacts
14-Oct-16 14-240 Xuanming Su Wharton Omnichannel Self-Service Technologies
18-Oct-16 14-240 Tarek Abdallah NYU Demand Estimation under the Multinomial Logit Model from Sales Transaction Data
1-Nov-16 14-240 Nan Liu Columbia When Waiting to See a Doctor is Less Irritating: Understanding Patient Preferences and Choice Behavior in Appointment Scheduling
8-Nov-16 14-240 Volodymyr Babich Georgetown R&D Investments in the Presence of Knowledge Spillover and Debt Financing: Can Risk-shifting be a Cure for Free-riding in Equilibrium?
22-Nov-16 14-240 Sezer Ulku Georgetown When Is Necessity The Mother of Invention?
29-Nov-16 14-240 Yuqian Xu  NYU The Effect of Online Reviews on Physician Demand: A Structural Model of Patient Choice
13-Dec-16 14-240 Gustavo Vulcano NYU A Partial-Order-Based Model to Estimate Individual Preferences Using Panel Data
31-Jan-17 14-240 Vidya Mani Penn State Estimating Substitution and Basket Effects in Retail Stores: Implications for Assortment Planning
21-Mar-17 14-240 Jiri Chod Boston College A Signalling Theory of In-Kind Finance
28-Mar-17 14-240 Pinar Yildirim Wharton Matching Pennies on the Campaign Trail: An Empirical Study of Senate Elections and Media Coverage
4-Apr-17 14-240 Fuqiang Zhang Washington University in St. Louis 3D Printing vs. Traditional Flexible Technology: Implications for Manufacturing Strategy
6-Apr-17 14-240 Antonio Moreno-Garcia Northwestern The Value of Fit Information in Online Retail: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
2-May-17 14-240 Tim Kraft Virginia Supply Chain Visibility and Social Responsibility: Investigating Consumers’ Behaviors and Motive

2015 – 2016 Academic Year: 

1-Sep-15 9-215 Michael Pinedo NYU Budget Allocations in Operational Risk Management
18-Sep-15 9-215 Vera Tilson Rochester The Impact of Custom Contracting and the Intermediary Roles of Healthcare GPOs
20-Oct-15 9-215 Aydin Alptekinoglu Penn State Flexible Products for Dynamic Preferences
27-Oct-15 14-240 Kinshuk Jerath Columbia Incentive Contracting with Operational Considerations
5-Nov-15 4-120 Dmitry Ivanov Berlin School of Economics and Law Global Supply Chain Planning: Ripple Effect and Structure Dynamics Considerations
17-Nov-15 14-240 Wenqiang Xiao NYU Optimal Long-Term Supply Contracts with Asymmetric Demand Information
8-Dec-15 14-240 Carri Chan Columbia Queues with Time-Varying Arrivals and Inspections with Applications to Hospital Discharge Policies
2-Feb-16 14-240 Haresh Gurnani Wake Forest Demonstrations and Price Competition in New Product Release
9-Feb-16 14-240 Gur Mosheiov Hebrew University of Jerusalem Due Window Assignment with Lead Time Cost
23-Feb-16 14-240 Neda Ebrahim Khanjari Rutgers The Impact of Manufacturer SPIFFs on a Supply Chain with Retailer-hired Sales Agent
5-Apr-16 14-240 Subodha Kumar Texas A&M Competitive Strategies for Brick-and-Mortar Stores to Counter “Showrooming”
19-Apr-16 14-240 Nicholas Petruzzi Penn State Overconfident Competing Newsvendors
12-May-16 9-215 Arash Azadegan Rutgers Open Innovation Strategies: A Comparative Assessment Using the Knowledge Base Perspective
17-May-16 14-240 Goker Aydin Indiana How to Get the Conflict Out of the Mineral Supply Chain
19-May-16 14-240 Mor Armony NYU Critical Care in Hospitals: When to Introduce a Step Down Unit

2014 – 2015 Academic Year: 

5-Mar-15 9-215 David Anderson Baruch When is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure? Identifying High Risk Candidates for Case Management
2-Apr-15 9-215 Tolga Aydinliyim Baruch Counteracting Strategic Purchase Deferrals: The Impact of Online Retailers’ Return Policy Decisions
16-Apr-15 9-215 William Millhiser Baruch Designing Appointment System Templates with Operational Performance Targets
30-Apr-15 9-215 Shan Li Baruch Is A Newsvendor More Boundedly Rational Making Two Decisions Instead of One?
14-May-15 9-215 Alan Stulman Jerusalem College of Technology Determining the Delay Time Distribution in an M/G/∞ Exchangeable Item Repair System with Two Failed Component Types


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