Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Digital Scholarship Seminar!  We are excited to begin the seminar with two kick-off with events, one in-person and one virtual.

The in-person event will take place at the Graduate Center, CUNY (GC) in partnership with the GC Digital Initiatives. The event will include a round lightening talks and discussion focused on topics related to digital scholarship. These 5-minute presentations can showcase a digital project that you have been involved with, admire, or want to replicate.  To register for the GC event and/or sign up to present, please fill out this form.

Our virtual kickoff happens now! We would like your help in defining the key questions to focus and guide our upcoming Graduate Center discussion. We would like you to create a post with TWO questions about digital scholarship or pedagogy that you would like to explore. Ideally, these questions can address one or more of the four Areas of Focus, but this post certainly open to others since the seminar is early in its development.


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  3. On the editor page, create the title and body of your post.
  4. Before posting, use the Categories box in the right sidebar to categorize your post as a “Key Questions” post.
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