Baruch College, Fall 2016

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2 Questions

How can digital scholarship assist faculty and students in forging and utilizing international networks, resources, and collaborative groups? What are the best practices, and perhaps amazing failures that past international digital scholarship projects have faced? How are questions of copyright,… Continue Reading →

2 questions

I’d like to reiterate Caryn’s interest in fostering collaborative opportunities for sharing digital work at Baruch, and Sarah’s interest in small-scale projects (vs. big data). More broadly, my interest in big data and digital labor extends to a critical approach… Continue Reading →

2Qs: Developing digital methods & Recognizing digital work

Looking forward to this seminar! Two major questions I have related to digital scholarship: Drawing inspiration from academics like Michael Wesch, what are some best practices for translating current research methods into the digital realm in order to develop transformative and empowering… Continue Reading →

Two Questions

I’m interested in the ways faculty are incorporating Digital Storytelling into their classrooms and then some of the issues that come along with doing this. For example, what are ways in which faculty are then approaching the assessment/grading of student… Continue Reading →

Two Questions

The question that I hope to most address in this seminar is: What are the range of methods and tools that are now available for doing computer-aided textual analysis? And, having had no formal training in this in graduate school… Continue Reading →

Two Questions

What strategies can Baruch College use to foster a collaborative environment for the sharing of digital projects and tools across the college? What types of events, forums, workshops seem to be most effective for faculty and students, from the GCs… Continue Reading →

Two Questions

I am most interested in the Digital Storytelling theme, and so my questions are centered on that theme. First, in what ways do digital mediums change the nature of stories? Second, as big data studies become ever more possible and… Continue Reading →

Two questions

Here are my two questions for the meeting: 1) How can we bring the conversations that are happening in critical educational technology communities to faculty (and particularly contingent or new faculty)? To students? To what extent is it possible to… Continue Reading →

Two questions

Here are my two questions: How can we expand our students’ use of digital humanities tools, methodologies, and approaches int the classroom? To what extent can and should digital scholarship become part of the learning goals for our classes, and… Continue Reading →

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