Digital Scholarship Seminar

Baruch College, Fall 2016

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Digital Scholarship Seminar!  We are excited to begin the seminar with two kick-off with events, one in-person and one virtual. The in-person event will take place at the Graduate Center, CUNY (GC) in partnership with the GC… Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Digital Scholarship Seminar for 2016-2017! This year we will be exploring and collaborating with students, faculty, teachers, and scholars from across the university on cutting-edge, emerging developments in digital scholarship and pedagogy. Currently, we’re focusing on four… Continue Reading →

Areas of Focus

Key areas that will be addressed in the context of this seminar include: (a) synthesizing, building from, and critiquing prevailing approaches to digital social science and the digital humanities, (b) reviewing existing and exploring new digital tools for scholarship, (c) discussing… Continue Reading →

Institutional Support and Evaluation of Digital Scholarship

Questions about the nature of what constitutes scholarship continue to abound in the academy. More than ever, professors now blog and contribute intellectual work to the public sphere. Theses and dissertations are becoming less text-centric than before, with students bringing… Continue Reading →

Big Data, Digital Labor & Cultural Critique

There are few disciplines that have yet to be touched by the affordances (and limitations) of big data. The questions we face as scholars and teachers continue to multiply: What are the possibilities of big data (however conceived) for our… Continue Reading →

Social Annotation

Over the last decade and a half, numerous Social Annotation (SA) platforms have sprung up for both popular and academic use, offering educators the opportunity to experiment with different SA platforms and classroom practices to meet their specific research and… Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling

Interdisciplinary scholarship has long focused on the critical role that narratives play in human thought and action. As our world increasingly moves into digital spaces, we’d like to explore how everything from social media to smart phones are and could… Continue Reading →

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