Creativity Galore at Easter Parade

Photos by Christopher Ludgate

At the annual Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue, extravagant and creative flowery bonnets were on display from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral toward Tiffany’s on 57th Street. At high noon, with a strong hope that spring weather was just around the corner, locals and visitors took the term “Sunday Best” to new heights.

The friendly air of the meandering crowd was unlike many other local parades, welcoming onlookers to mingle and get up close for a sweet dish of eye candy. A very casual procession it has been since the tradition began in the 1870s.
The parade always seems more about tradition and fun than the partying of Halloween or Mardi Gras. With flair to spare, the homespun designs had a variety of seasonal, religious and cultural themes, and it didn’t stop there. Some fashionably accessorized pets also sported bright designs.

This year, along with the time-honored traditional bonnets of blooms, was homage to the new pope and a nod to Peeps, the seasonal marshmallow candy. Cultural icons and pop entertainment from the 1940s inspired swagger, bunny ears and an Oscar winner made this a classy act in the spirit of holiday fun and… well, springtime!

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