Greenwich Village Locksmith Thinks Small

By Charles Raben

Philip Mortillaro, the owner of Greenwich Locksmiths on the west side of Greenwich Village, has owned the small shop on Seventh Avenue since 1980. It measures only 125 square feet.

Mortillaro, 67, says he has worked every day since 1980 in his little shop. 

The shop is so small that only one customer at a time fits inside.

OOn nice days, Mortillaroa likes to work with the door open.

When work is slow, Mortillaro prepares for his next job, for example, sorting through metal parts.

Mortillaro’s on, Phil Jr., 31, joins him in the shop. “I practically grew up here, I’ve been helping my Dad since I was a kid,” he said.

Mortillarohas no plans to retire but wants his son to eventually become the proprietor of Greenwich Locksmiths.

Mortillaro is also an artist and likes to shape sculptures of keys. 

Do the sparks hurt? “Nah, I already got calloused hands,” Mortillaro responds.