D&Sdocs: Island Pops Builds a Legacy

By Quain George

Khalid and Shelly Hamid, owners of Island Pops in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, never dreamed of opening an ice cream shop.

But when Shelly was pregnant, she found herself craving the soursop flavored ice cream she remembered from growing up in Trinidad. Although Khalid’s first attempt to make it from scratch was a mess, the idea led to something greater.

They started their new business by selling cocktail popsicles at private events. In July 2018, they opened their first storefront on Nostrand Avenue: a haven for those who are nostalgic for the flavors of the Caribbean, and a place of discovery for those trying their frozen treats for the first time. The Hamids hope Island Pops will be a household name one day.

“I’m trying to create a legacy,” Khalid said. “I’m trying to leave something for the kids.”