D&Sdocs: Capturing the Eerie Quiet of City Streets

Video by Kenneth Sousie

On March 20, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the New York State PAUSE executive order, closing all non-essential businesses statewide. All non-essential gatherings became banned and mandatory social distancing was implemented to help fight the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which has aggressively made its way into New York City.

Dollars & Sense reporter and editor Kenneth Sousie went on bicycle and filmed some of the statistically busiest streets in Manhattan to capture their eerily quiet present.

This was done every Saturday in the month of April, the height of the pandemic in New York during the period Cuomo dubbed “21 days of hell.”

Editor’s note: This report was done with extreme caution. The reporter took the necessary preventative measures to ensure his own safety, wearing a mask, gloves and keeping distance.