Podcast: Former Diplomat on Why Ukraine War Coverage Shows Double Standard

Podcast and photo by Malina Seenarine | April 28, 2022

Former diplomat Annie Pforzheimer says Europe’s reception of Ukraine refugees presents a stark contrast to its attitude toward Muslim refugees.

With the war in Ukraine receiving massive media attention, many have highlighted disparities regarding how western news organizations cover Ukrainian refugees compared to those of African countries.

“There is a very clear double standard in the way that Ukrainians are being treated,” said Annie Pforzheimer, a former diplomat and professor at Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. “Fundamentally, Europe is opening its door to people who are in their continent with a special sense of responsibility, and I understand that, but I also think that there is a not very far below the surface racism and of course, a long-standing European discomfort with Muslim refugees in particular.”

Listen to the entire podcast below: