Bay Ridge Works to Recover from Attacks

Podcast and photo by Emanuela Gallo April 18, 2023

A Brooklyn neighborhood is struggling to recover from two recent tragedies. On February 13, a U-Haul driver killed one and hit eight during an erratic rampage in Bay Ridge. That came a year after a gunman injured dozens after attacking the 36th Street station, affecting Bay Ridge commuters on the R and N trains. 

As the community tries to heal from both attacks, residents and elected officials called for safe streets and subways during a recent vigil at Bay Ridge Parkway and Fifth Avenue, where one of the U-Haul attacks occurred. 

“I know how tragic these incidents are,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who attended the vigil, said. “Knocking on the door, there’s no consolation to tell a loved one that your family member isn’t coming home cause of some form of violence.”

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