English 2100 Fall 2023:  What Goes Unsaid?

Digital Divide

What is a Digital Divide?

This refers to the increasing gap between regions or demographics which have access to modern technology and communications, platforms such as the web or proper reliable internet access and those who do not. This issue targeting those of low income areas, having very restricted access or even no access. This issue I feel is important especially with the dependence we hold with platforms which need a proper connection to access. From everyday life to work to school, people around the world have been cut off from this aspect which only increases with technology being furthered. This causing multiple issues especially with those younger who’s access to education depends on connection. This issue I hold as important as with technology being furthered I believe it should be more accessible to those who need it and have no access to it. This issue only will increase more with more people being cut off from these parts and create inequality.

Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression/winter depression also known as SAD is a phenomenon caused by the reduced amount of daylight throughout the day and or shorter days. The feeling of low energy days, feeling sad more often has affected those across the US. Even reaching Canada with 15% of Canadians experiencing one episode of SAD in their lifetime. Seasonal depression is an issue that isn’t shined light on as much as it should be, affecting people without them even knowing. Ways to prepare for this seasonal depression can start with forms of self care and watching your emotions/mood. This has affected me before and other people around me which can affect my school work and personal life and I believe this issue should be brought to light more.