English 2100 Fall 2023:  What Goes Unsaid?

Writing and Language Resources

The Punctuation Guide – A nice interface for navigating how different kinds of punctuation tend to work in written English.

The Newman Library – Especially for the unit on research-driven writing, you’ll visit this website a lot to find books, journal articles, etc.

The Writing Center – The Baruch Writing Center provides free support to students to help with their writing. Tutors help all writers and writing–beneficial to all levels of writers at all stages of writing.

The Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute – The Communication Institute helps support faculty and students in communication through many modes (oral, written, visual, etc.). They have resources for students for model speeches, presentations, and you can meet with Communication Fellows for a consultation.

Tools for Clear Speech (TCS) – One-on-one support and workshops available here to get instruction and practice in oral communication.

Conversation Partners Program – This is an informal program that matches native speakers of English with other speakers of English for a semester of practice building confidence speaking English.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab – A great resource for all things related to writing in college