English 2100 Fall 2023:  What Goes Unsaid?

Introductory Post

Yoo what’s good  y’all, my name is Daiyan Khondaker. But you can call me either Daiyan or by my nickname Daiyu pronounced (die-you) if you’d like. I prefer this nickname because it is an adorable one given to me by my mom. My preferred pronouns are he/him/his. I have a bunch of other nicknames which I would like to share just for entertainment purposes, most of  them coming from my last name. Dai pronounced (Die) from my first name and the following from my last name: Candy car, K Honda car, Khondy, Khorn baiter, Khorn cater, Khorn dator, Khorn gator, Khorn later, Khorn hater, Khorn mater, Khorn skater, Khorn Tater, Khorn Darth Vader, and Klondike bar just to name a few. I have loved business and entrepreneurship ever since I was a little boy old enough to understand these things. My love for business and entrepreneurship comes from a lot of different reasons, one of them being my faith. I believe in  Islam and I am a devout muslim. I learned early on from my family and life experiences especially one of my biggest inspirations and role models which  is my paternal grandfather that you do not necessarily need college and or formal education in order to do business and or entrepreneurship which is why I did not necessarily want to attend college but it was my parent’s wishes for me to at least earn a bachelor’s degree which is why I am here now. I figured the best college for me to go to is Baruch in order for me to have the lowest cost but the highest return in order to get the best business education out of the best business school in New york City. I like business and entrepreneurship so much that I legit wrote my whole college essay about it. A few of my hobbies and interests are animals, cars, cats, driving all kinds of vehicles, exercising/fitness/health/working out, fashion, futbol (Soccer), motorcycles, music, nature, all sorts of sports in general, traveling, vehicles, hanging out with my beloved close friends and family. I love to help people and make people laugh/smile and just make people happy. Below is an image of myself that represents and captures the essence of me and how I would dress and the car I would drive as a successful businessman/entrepreneur which speaks to me and reflects my identity.   

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