Baruch Resources

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free, one-to-one online writing support to all Baruch students. The Center’s consultants work collaboratively with you to deepen your writing and English language skills. At any step in the process, they’ll help you become a more confident and versatile writer. I encourage you to schedule your appointment well in advance of when your writing is due. You can schedule an appointment at: Log on to their website,, to learn more.

Bonus: Anytime you have an appointment with the writing center to help with an essay for my class, I will automatically raise your grade a step (a B- becomes a B, a B+ becomes an A-).


The library at Baruch is pretty fantastic. Although the in-person use of the library is limited right now, their librarians are still available online to assist you with research, and there are a huge number of ebooks and digital articles available to you. Here is their website.

Counseling Services

College life can be extremely challenging (as adult life can be in general). Most adults I know in New York City go to therapy—it’s nothing to be ashamed of and most people find it very helpful. I urge anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life, from friends to school work to family to general mental unrest to take advantage of the free online counseling services offered at Baruch for all students. You can make an appointment here.