Creative Remix

Using the research you did for the research paper, find a new way to present your findings. This could be a graphic story if you are into drawing comics, or a short film if that’s your thing, or a podcast where you record yourself or others talking about the music and intersperse clips of the sounds…the choices are endless. You could make an Instagram account for the project where you populate it with all relevant images and information…let your creativity shine here. 

Q & A: 

-How extensive should the creative project be?

-An ‘A’ project would show considerable effort. I would expect at least 10 hours to be spent on the creation of the finished product (not all at once, I hope!)

-Can I work with others?

-You may team up if you wish, but in this case I would expect the project to be significantly more involved than a solo project. Speak to me about this if you would like to collaborate.


20% of course grade

Writing component: Three double-spaced pages (This is an essay about how you decided to transform your research into a creative project, and how the project evolved). I want you to reflect on the experience of making your finished product, and to ask how you understood the material differently when it was put through this other genre. 

Due Date:

Draft Due Tuesday, April 27th, by 11:55 p.m.  in your google folder

Final Due Tues, May 18th, by 11:55 p.m. in your google folder