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Dante’s Desire

Dante story had an essentially common sequence of events for that of a narrative. He initially started off wondering in the darkness of the woods and ended up reveling in the brightness of god. Started in confusion and ended in definitive enlightenment. Not to unusual, and there are also many signs that it is destined to be. For instance, all the three verses ended with the word “stars.” So no matter where Dante was, his final destination was ordained to be paradise bound, a happy ending if you will. Sense the author is depicting a tail of himself it’s typical that he would make it so. Considering Dante’s factual life, wondering in his exile, perhaps it was an ending he wanted to truly attain for himself. Saying the whole purpose of the entire tail is one of self-reassurance for eventual peace is more than a fair assumption.

The Ramayana & The Odyssey

The Ramayana and the Odyssey are two stories of the same fate. In both stories a heroic protagonist fights against odds to restore his happiness and return home. In both stories the antagonists are separated from their homes and wives during some point and must travel while seeking the help of others to be reunited with their beloved ones and return to their lands and rule. Several circumstances obviously differ, as both stories are depicted from separate regions and represent diverse ventures to be of entertainment towards their respective audiences however their essence in plot is one in the same. The final examples being both have a happy ending before the antagonist slay their enemies and ruling their land.


By Xhozef Lumaj

The Qur’an – Story of Joseph

I believe the story of Joseph is told as a form of confirmation to when believing and trusting in the faith of god will lead to bliss and tranquility. Joseph went through hardship after hardship however he was able to make it through all of it and his faith grew as he persisted through his journey of life. Joseph constantly chose to the do most righteous act in faith that god wanted him to do so. For example when the women of the city of Egypt where the wife of his master dwelled, he was willing to yield to them unless the lord protected them from their treachery and god responded. His persistent faith eventually lead him to harmony and the entire story is based on his example of faith and how if people were to follow his example they to could have the same end result.

By Xhozef Lumaj

Symposium & The Odyssey

By Xhozef Lumaj


Describe how Plato, Sappho, and/or Catullus conceive of love (and/or friendship). You can choose to only discuss one of the three works or compare two or three of them. You can also choose to compare their views on love with The Odyssey, Oedipus Rex, or Lysistrata. You can also choose to focus more specifically on either the lover or the beloved if you like.


Plato describes love in a few different forms, which varies depending on the individual telling its meaning. It very much reminds me of The Odyssey. Within Homers story, love takes place in many different ways. One being the love of physical desire, which is displayed by Kalypso and Circe and another being the love for family that is displayed by Odyssues, Penelope and Telemachus. The love of family can be said to be the strongest as it was victoriously the end result. The point is, the meaning of love varies from person to person.