Sappho – Love beyond sexuality

Analyze a literary device–most likely an image or metaphor–or series of devices you find in Plato, Sappho, or Catullus.

In Sappho poems, we can find out she was a lesbian through the metaphor and subtext. She likes to use first person point of view to describe what she was doing in the poem, in order to interpreted her passion and love with men and women. For example, “For many crowns of violets and roses at my side you put on”(poem 94 p641). She uses crowns of violets and roses as a metaphor to express her homo-sensual romantic relationship between she and her women lovers. Since the crowns of violets and roses are represented the women sexual organs. The lesbian love(according to oxford dictionary the word lesbian is derived from Greek Lesbios, from Lesbos, home of Sappho.) is also expressed through the poems. Sappho shows us her desire on other beautiful women. In fragment 112, she states “… you have the bride for whom you prayed gracious your form and your eyes as honey: desire is poured upon your lovely face…” She is so jealous on that groom who is going to marry a beautiful bride. The word between the lines shows us her love and lust are way beyond sexuality.

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