Portrayal of evildoers and their treatment-Odyssey V.S. Ramayana

Even though both stories have the happy endings and the evildoers died, the degree of evilness in regardless of the evildoers are slightly different. In Odyssey, the main evildoer is suitors, who not only overturned Odyssey’s land, but continuously court to his wife. There are different suitors with different characteristics. In similarities, they are brutal and arrogant, so they get killed by Odysseus. In this case, they are really evil. However, they are different in some ways. For example, Antinous is the most arrogant suitors without any sympathy. He even let Telemachus, the son of Odyssey, kill Odyssey. In contrast, Amphinomus is very decent suitor among others, who sometimes speaks up for Odyssey.  In Ramayana, there is only one evildoer, Ravana. In my opinion, Ravana is not as evil as suitors depicted in Odyssey. He is somewhat brave enough to fight with Rama in person, even though he was defeated by Rama. And from Vibhisana’s words:” This Ravana used to give a lot in charity to ascetics; he enjoyed life; he maintained his servants well; he shared his wealth with his friends, and he destroyed his enemies…” (VALMIKI 112,113), we can easily see that Ravana is a generous and respectful leader. No matter what he did to Sita (abducted her), he still deserved to get a funeral and to be a good man in people’s belief.