The afterlife thought

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, he uses his own imagination to describe how hell and heaven should be. He combines the ancient Greek and Rome mythology heroes and stories along with the ideas of hell that appears on the bible. Dante’s Commedia plays a big role on wrapping up the ultimate thought/goal in philosophy during the medieval period. Where does a human go afterlife? Are the dead really dead? Dante answers the question by showing the world his journey from inferno to paradiso. It is very outstanding back in that period of time. As a poet in the late dark age Dante provides the pictures for the people and his descendant to think and imagine hell and heaven. Instead of using the church’s orthodox way to tell people believe in God, Dante uses story telling a more human way to influence people to believe we do have afterlife and dead are not really dead.

One thought on “The afterlife thought

  1. Interesting thought to analyze that this was Dante’s way of educating readers on the concept of heaven, hell and God. Dante did indeed create a vivid picture of what most people regard as a mystery. Interestingly enough he did seem to emphasize that the type of punishment one receives in hell would be attributed to their crime on earth. It has one second guessing on whether or not committing the crime would be worth it in the end. With the very detailed description of this horrific place, he does seem to be warning readers to reconsider the sin before committing it.

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