Ibsen, Hedda Gabler

–What motivates Hedda to encourage Lovborg to resume drinking?
–Discuss the role of Thea in the play? What function does she serve?
–What role does class play in Hedda Gabler?
–What does Lovborg’s death mean to Hedda?
–Do you feel sympathetic to Hedda? Why or why not?

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7 Responses to Ibsen, Hedda Gabler

  1. The role of class to Hedda is how she defines who a person is. Being the high maintenance gal that she is, she will only give respect to those who are of a high social class. Hedda fails to put this categorization aside as she judges others that she encounters throughout the play.

  2. Stephen deng says:

    Hedda wants lovborg to start drinking again because she want him to be a free spirit again. also she wants him to start drinking again because she sees that he is being controlled by Thea. she also wants him to start drinking again to leave her and maybe get together with her since she finds her current relationship boring and mundane. she could be doing this for fun.

  3. I feel sympathetic towards Hedda because of certain aspects about her situation in life. She is married, but has no occupation. This seems to be the thing that bothers her most. She is jealous of Thea, but I don’t think it’s just about the way Thea looks. Thea had a job tutoring children, and then was helping Lovborg write his manuscript. I think that maybe Hedda was jealous because of the way Thea found herself useful, instead of just being at home, and staying domestic. Hedda didn’t have a lot of options for a career even though she is an intelligent person. She found herself married, and maybe not where she pictured herself in that point in her life. Women during this time period had few options and choices, and for this reason I do feel sympathetic towards her.

  4. SOPHIA IOSPA says:

    –What motivates Hedda to encourage Lovborg to resume drinking?

    I think Hedda is missing a purpose in life and when she sees that someone else was able to do what she wasn’t able to or didn’t even think to do ( helping Lovborg to become sober and help him with the book), the loss of power over his situation drove her mad and she decides that the only way to restore her power is to the destroy Thea by destroying Lovborg. Ans so she convinces him to drink again, knowingly what the circumstances will be.

  5. What motivates Hedda to encourage Lovborg to resume drinking?

    Hedda is motivated by power and manipulation. She encourages Lovborg to keep drinking because that would prove that she still wields power over Lovborg. Apart from that she would definitely get a kick out of knowing that she has such influence on him despite Thea being in the picture. She is motivate by the concept that she can force Lovborg into his old ways while also proving that she can still get him to do what she wants even if he’s in love with Thea.

  6. BRIAN PARK says:

    What motivates Hedda to encourage Lovborg to resume drinking?
    Hedda’s motivation to be the center of everyone’s lives and affection and her undying manipulative ways is the premise on which Hedda basically forces Lovborg to drink. Hedda manipulates Lovborg to go against his better judgement against Mrs. Elevestead.

  7. Hedda’s motivation to encourage Lovorg was her character. She is attention seeking and always looking to start conflict.Hedda, jealous over the influence that Thea has on Lovborg, which she was not able to have, tempts him into taking a drink. She is mad that Thea was able to get him to stop drinking and she was not.

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