Human Centipede

I know class is over and everything, but I just saw the movie Human Centipede and thought I would share my thoughts. That movie was ridiculous… It doesn’t have the best plot or anything but ill post a link where you can read it, but the movie has such a twisted idea behind it that it will surely mess with people’s mind…and stomachs. This is one of the few movies that I actually felt compelled to look away or want to shut the film off. If your looking for a movie to shock yourself and friends this movie will not disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Human Centipede

  1. Andrew: I completely agree. Reading the description of ‘Human Centipede’ makes me crawl. I will have to look more into this…and they want to make a sequel! ‘Human Centipede: Full Sequence’. I can only imagine what that will hold.

  2. Well, I can honestly say I never saw an idea quite like this coming so, right off the bat, you have to give all involved points for creativity and originality. After having actually seen it now though, I must admit I liked it way more than initially anticipated. It got off to a very rocky start with some cringe worthy acting and near intolerable stupidity from one of the victims, but if you can get past that point, it works pretty darn well in making you uncomfortable and even eventually creates legitimate tension. Dieter Laser, who plays the doctor, is seriously menacing and, best of all, the movie ends with a flourish. To me, in horror more than any other genre, the ending is critical but few are able to it off without a hitch. This one, however, knows what it’s doing.

    The thing about it is, and maybe it’s just because I’ve become too desensitized, but I don’t think that what we actually see is so graphic. Don’t get me wrong – there were indeed moments when I cringed and wanted to turn away but it wasn’t because of a gross out, gory image. It’s more the idea of it/what’s implied that gets to you. And, again, what an idea it is! How rare is it that a horror movie can disgust and shock without even having death as the repercussion? That’s impressive.

    Thanks a lot for bringing this one up.

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