The ENG3940H Fear, Anxiety, and Paranoia Film Festival

Welcome to the First ever ENG3940H Cinema of Fear, Anxiety and Paranoia Film Festival. Below are most of the student videos we watched together during our last class session. The videos are part of a final project which also includes a lengthy written reflection on the process of making the videos and their connections to the assigned films, readings and the broader themes of the course. Enjoy.


H1N1X: Christy, Yelena, and Alesia pay tribute to 70’s paranoia films with this dark and suspenseful comment on the recent Swine Flu scare.

The Spud Diamond: Miriam and Lisa put Psycho, Marathon Man, Night of the Living Dead, and your childhood in a blender to create this nail biter.

Manchurian Mean Girls: In reimagining of the Spring Lake Ladies Garden Club/brainwashing demonstration scene from The Manchurian Candidate, Maria, Alice, Chamandeep, and Jenny put the 1962 classic into dialogue with Mean Girls.

Final Cut: Nick and John speak to the anxiety and fear inspired by their final project in this tense and rapidly paced homage to horror films of the last three decades.

NOTLD: A faithful shot-for-shot recreation of the graveyard scene at the beginning of Night of the Living Dead by Elisabeth, Minhaj and Gilbert. Blooper reel included.

Exorcist Revisited: Whitney, Ravendra, Stephen and Giomar’s dramatic take on the famous exorcism scene in the The Exorcist. The spirit of William Friedkin compels you!

Three Days of the Condor – Elevator Scene (Sweded): Taking a page from Todd Haynes’ on casting, Vik, Jhaneel, Jahn and Daniel reenact shot-for-shot a famous scene from Three Days of the Condor. Starring Max Von Sydow and friends.

Andrew’s Parannoying Activity: Andrew considers the ghost’s needs in a parody of Paranormal Activity.

Vestige: Alan’s homage to Memento with a protagonist whose memory problem is slightly different than Leonard Shelby’s.

And, unfortunately, the Warner Music Group Doesn’t want you to see Scary Stuff, a mashup by Tamara because they don’t seem to get fair use. We’ll see if we can get it to post eventually.


Hey Guys,

So for my video I was inspired to make a little mock scary movie trailer. I compiled a bunch of scary movie scenes to create my own little rendition of the typical scary movie. The film follows the trail of 3 friends and “a little boy” as they deal with Leatherface and zombies! The point of it is that movies, especially scary movies, have certain elements in common with one another. There are certain aspects of a scary film we can usually expect to see, such as running, and intense screaming women, etc… Throughout the class, I kept noticing this and therefore thought it will be funny to mash some of these movies together. I hope it makes you laugh 🙂

Btw youtube blocked this for copyright reasons so you could only watch it while logged into our account

Manchurian Mean Girls

Hi everyone,

This is the video that my group (Maria, Jenny, Cham, and myself) put together! I hope you enjoy the subtle, maybe not too subtle, undertones of brainwashing that we mashed together with the Ladies’ Garden Society from “Manchurian Candidate” and a table scene from “Mean Girls.”

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