Revising Attitudes

What do you think Dethier means when he says that “Revision takes you from self to society.” Do you agree with this statement? Have you ever experienced revision as a process that operates in this way?

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  1. zxmvpa says:

    In Brock Dethier’s essay, Revising Attitudes, Dethier writes about the resistance that people face when faced with revising their essay. In Dethier stated that “revision takes you from self to society”, he means to say that the process of revising your essay is the process of going from writing to yourself, to writing to society. In other words, an essay is polished and refined until it reaches a suitable state of presentation to the world. I believe that his statement is accurate, for drafts are not meant to be published or viewed by others, for the quality is low compared to the end result of a revised essay. Dethier suggests that drafts can function as a sort of “safe space where we can be corny, take risks, trail off vaguely into interesting side streets”. I don’t agree with this point of view, as a draft is never really written with enjoyment in mind, and is instead written to be as close to the final product as possible. Writing about something that will definitely be omitted from the end result is a waste of time and does not help the revision process because it shows a lack of focus.

  2. m.khimchanka says:

    In his “Revising Attitudes”, Brock Dethier encourages us to start looking at the process of revision as something helpful, fresh and exciting instead of something tiring, miserable and painful. He is really trying to convince us that the positive attitude that is the key factor to a successful process of revising our papers. He believes that the possitive attitude toward revision would help us to take a look at the process from a comletely new different side, in a way we have never thought about it before. He also suggests that revision is our friend, not our enemy, as a lot of people tend to think about it.

  3. p.petrakos says:

    I agree with the authors statement that “revision takes you from self to society”. Writing the first draft in a paper as we have discussed through previous articles, and in class is never perfect, and needs to be revised. without revision, writing would be very unrefined. I personally never viewed it as such since i never really revised many of my papers in great detail, but since doing the first paper i realized how important it is to revise. During my first paper I had many errors, and many places to improve my prose, and did just that, to make a paper for others to read easier, and understand better.

  4. a.rudenko says:

    In his essay “Revising Attitudes”, Brock Dethier says that “revision takes you from self to society”. I think that by this statement the author means that revision transforms a writer into a reader or readers (society), since during the revision the piece of writing is actually being read and evaluated by the author as if he/she was a different person, the target audience. While revising, the author tries to look at his work from a different perspective. Which, I believe, is a very powerful and important part of the writing process. I do agree with Brock Dethier in this regard.
    I haven’t written much in my life so far, but whenever I revise my writing, I always try to look at it with the eyes of a reader. I think it is really crucial for a writer to be able to do that. That is why I would say that my revision process operates in a similar way the author describes.

  5. m.burdziag says:

    In his essay, Revising Attitudes, Brock Dethier talks about the importance of attiude when revising papers. It should be a helpful, creative process, not something dreadful. The author says “revision takes your from self to society.” I believe he means that the process of revision helps you to transform your thoughts and ideas and make then coherent for a bigger audience. I do agree with the author and I have experienced this process when revising my paper one with the peer review group. Some sentences made sense to me but not to other people in my group. A few changes suggested the people in my group helped to transform my ideas and make them readable to a broader audience than just myself.

  6. b.villa says:

    In Brock Dethier’s essay, Revising Attitudes, Dethier tries to explain his position on revisional essay writing. Similar to peer review, Dethier tries to relay the message that when rereading a piece we must have a fresh ,open and positivr mind inorder to properly immerse yourself In revision. When I revisited my previous essays I always try to see if the glow of my writing is consistent and make sure my audience can follow my ideas. This is probably what Dethier meant when she said “from self to society” .

  7. m.chial says:

    In the essay “Revising Attitudes”, Brock Dethier states that revision is basically not an easy task to accomplish. In order for one to revise their paper they must go into their paper with an open mind. I’ve never thought of revising my paper like that, as I know what I wrote. I believe with that mindset you aren’t going to be able to revise your paper successfully. When the author states that revision takes you “from self to society ” I believe he means that when reading your paper, you are the audience and not the writer, which gives you another view of the paper.

  8. l.hebert1 says:

    In “Revising Attitudes”, Brock Dethier is basically explaining that when revising your paper, instead of looking at it from your own point of view (self), you need to look at it from the reader’s perspective (society). The idea of the writer switching roles gives a different meaning to the paper, where you see as the reader where something wouldn’t make sense, or doesn’t transition clearly, or needs more explanation. Also listing the resistance of revision kind of puts the importance of revision in to light. Although you might disagree with actually doing it because maybe you thought you did a good job with the first draft, or maybe you don’t have enough time, the revision can actually be more creative and much more beneficial to the paper.

  9. a.perezleon says:

    Dethier wants students to understand that revision should be something thats not too stressful or much of a burden to the one revising. Rather, the reviser should change their attitude and go in with the mindset that its not going to be such an arduous task, but a fun one. Dethier mentions that revision takes you from self to society he means that you need to separate yourself from your writing and try to think like a person who’s reading your essay. You can do this by not taking every sentence and thinking of how it should be edited, but instead read the whole paper as an entire body of work. I agree with this statement because to effectively edit your essay you have to take someone else’s perspective to be able to better point out whats wrong with the essay. I’ve found myself in this position before and I believe that it helps to think outside your own perspective because you get to see your writing outside your own point of view.

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