8 thoughts on “AI Exposing Social Media Addiction

  1. Really like this perspective! It’s funny how you used the Snapchat AI which has been pretty controversial recently. It’s like social media inception. Love it!!

  2. Your Remix is super creative with the use of Snapchat’s AI chat. So many people have been obsessed with it and asking it questions, but the questions you asked were very thoughtful!

  3. I agree with Tiffany, with how you used a social media platform to talk to an AI about why we are so attached with the media instead of using a Chatgbt website

  4. This remix was very creative and it’s crazy how the AI didn’t sugar coated the truth but we should all know social media is addicting because it entertains us and makes us forget about a major event happening in the world. But I love the texting between you and the AI.

  5. I love that you used snapchat as your format. It is interesting that the conversation with the AI was actually quite serious and an eye-opener.

  6. I think it is cool and funny that you used an Snapchat AI itself to talk about Social Media addiction. Great way to convey the message.

  7. Interesting format, very different and snapchat AI is fairly new so it’s very surprising that it has a full depth “opinion”/ explanation as to why we are so engaged or addicted so social media and the internet. It is also kinda funny and ironic that an AI robot on a social media app is telling us about social media addiction.

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