We All Love Money

We all love money, you know that that’s true

We fantasize about splurging, buying the latest designer shoes

Whenever we look in our bank accounts, we feel very blue 

We feel out of control, like animals in zoos 

But when we look up at the class above, these huge corporate leaders

We feel insignificant, what could we have done wrong?

Like numbers on a spreadsheet, comprised in pristine ledgers 

What were the secrets kept hidden from me all along?

This need for money can be very dangerous 

Something you chase for extrinsic value, sounds like greed

Bankers, traders and CEO’s are not very gracious

For they all have families to feed 

Constant talks of recession, rate hikes and bailouts 

The public grows more confused, our heads filled with doubts

When we look at the bigger picture, we should not get this confused

We all love money, but should not let the uneducated be abused. 

17 thoughts on “We All Love Money

  1. I like this poem a lot! I think it really incapsulates how a lot of people feel about money and how important money is in our society. 😁

  2. Money obsession is best described as “We fantasize about splurging”. I think many of us view money as necessary and it brings joy when used but when we see how much we spend it causes us to feel bad.

  3. I like how your poem is organized. Each Stanza has important information, and it doesn’t feel like your forcing your rhymes. It was a very pleasant read that I think would pull a lot of people into your topic.

  4. I thought this was really well done. It’s powerful, but so Zahan. The last line, wow. A good message to send the kids home happy, good man.

  5. This was a captivating poem. The grasp of topic and ideas that you are able to discuss within such few lines was great. Each line can be pulled out by itself.

  6. I really like this poem. This line stood out to me “But when we look up at the class above, these huge corporate leaders “We feel insignificant, what could we have done wrong?” Hearing about people like Bill Gates dropping out and still becoming extremely successful makes you think about what you’re doing wrong. But with context, you realize many of these people already come from money and you’re not doing anything wrong.

  7. This perfectly encapsulates the mindset of a lot of, if not most, people in a capitalist society. People are motivated by material things or just to survive.

  8. I really like this poem, it is realistic. Many people gain pleasure through the pursuit of material things, which at the same time leads them into a spiral.

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