Photo Story

Unnoticed Sacrilege

All of the images I’ve used are of a little Ukrainian town Pidhaitsi (Podhajce) where I grew up. This place seriously lacks entertainment establishments. One has to find other ways of amusement. I did. I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out around these sacred ruins and thus they play a significant role in my shaping my tastes and views which is why I wanted to create a story about this place. My story centers on the idea of a state of decay. Unnoticed sacrilege is compiled of traces of the past that are found in the little town. All of the photos show a similar story of disregard by the local population. It is my attempt to show the glory of the past in the old monuments. To show the bitterness and cruel nature of time.  To show the ugly reality of neglect and abandonment. To show that we should care to fix what we have broken.

The first image depicts the town itself. The second image is of a door or an entrance to an old villa that even though is still used, is not properly preserved. The third image is of the same villa but focuses on a stone statue of a lion which gave the house its name. These pictures show structures that are still very much used. Then the story moved on to a picture of a Church that was used as a bathhouse but is no longer used even as that. Followed by pictures of a church and a synagogue of great national and historical value completely not in use. The ninth picture shows a gate that was recently made. It’s very distinct and clear. It’s the only step that the people have taken to preserve anything in that place. It just stops teenagers from entering the structure and leaving a trail of injecting needles on the floor. Sadly, I don’t have a picture that would show these traces. Lastly, I chose a picture of the oldest item and the least preserved item. It’s a stone cross that stood next to a monastery. You can’t even properly see the cross in the picture because of the surrounding grass. I chose this picture because it is the only thing that is left from the monastery with the structure gone. It kind of serves as a warning that other structures could share the same fate. I chose a black & white filter because I tried to give the story a serious and tragic undertone.

For the revision, I changed the title of the photo story (i thought that would be easy first but ended up spending over an hour just thinking on it). I added my name and added an intro paragraph. I  removed a self-effecting note about the quality of the photos that I included in the project. I also tried centering the text a bit more so that the slides are as consistent as possible.

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