About Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a series of refresher classes in Statistics and Intermediate Microsoft Excel designed to prepare incoming Executive Programs students for their graduate business education.

For students without a business education or background, Boot Camp introduces core business fundamentals. Students with a business education or background also find Boot Camp valuable to refresh previously learned concepts. Boot Camp helps students make the transition back to the classroom and serves as a stepping stone to the full Executive Programs experience.


Who participates in Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is exclusively for incoming Executive Programs students.

Participation in Boot Camp is optional for all incoming Executive students, but registration is required if you plan on attending. Please note that both the Statistics and Intermediate Microsoft Excel workshops are limited to 35 registrants each. 


What is the cost of Boot Camp?

Boot Camp costs are included in your all-inclusive program fee. There are no additional registration fees associated with Boot Camp.


When is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is conducted ONLINE over three consecutive Saturdays: July 24, July 31, & August 7, 2021 from 8:30am to 5:15pm each day. 

  • Statistics will be facilitated in the morning session from 8:30am – 12:30pm
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel will be facilitated in the afternoon from 1:30pm – 5:15pm

*Students have the option of selecting to participate in one or both sessions.


What material/topics will be covered in Statistics and Excel sections?

Please visit the schedule for the full descriptions.


What is needed to participate in Boot Camp?

Students will need a hand-held calculator for the Statistics portion of Boot Camp. Please note that we will ship a calculator to you in a few weeks, using the address that was provided to us on the Information Sheet. Students will be able to keep this calculator throughout their tenure at Baruch.

For the Intermediate Microsoft Excel Workshop, students should have access to a laptop or computer with Microsoft Office 2016 or later. A headset is suggested for the Zoom sessions. Invitations to Zoom meetings will be sent the day before each session. 


What if I don’t have access to Microsoft Office?

Baruch offers a number of free software download to currently enrolled graduate students, which includes Microsoft Office 2016. Please visit: baruch.cuny.edu/bctc/software/studentsoftware.htm

*In order to gain access to download Microsoft Office, new students will have to submit all new student paperwork and be registered for classes.


What if I have a Mac operating system computer/laptop? 

For Statistics boot camp, both Windows or Mac operating systems will work.

In the Excel workshop, it is not possible to demonstrate Excel using both Windows and Mac platforms. Because most of the classes at Baruch standardize on Windows, the boot camp Excel session will be based on a Windows platform.   

There are some differences in the look and command keys between Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac, as well as some advanced features not in the Mac system.  Students who rely on a Mac will see that the Zoom demonstration, and some key combinations, on the screen are a bit different than what they will see on their Mac Excel screen.  Mac users should be aware of these differences, but in most cases should be able to understand and adjust.