The Curious Lives of Surrogates

There are mixed stories of both positive and negative outcomes in surrogate parenting which can either leave some people aroused with negative emotions while others may see it as okay.Some people view it as an act of love as in the case of the above article. The surrogate mother was fascinated with the idea of “growing a human beneath her heart” since from childhood and despite giving birth to a child of her, she still felt the need to have a human growing beneath her heart. Many proponents of surrogacy argue that it is a good way of assisting infertile women in satisfying a fundamental human longing of procreating and therefore should be permitted. Surrogacy fulfills both┬ábiological and emotional need of couples in which the wives are unable to conceive and often want to have children with the husbands’ biological inheritance.

There is also the financial aspect of surrogacy that lure many distressed working class women into becoming surrogates. As indicated in the article many military wives saw this as an opportunity to supplement their income and also other financially distressed women saw this as bridging the gap in their current financial situation. Some critics have argued that surrogacy is tantamount to selling babies which leads to the exploitation of financially distressed women. Critics have also argued that motherhood involves a special bonding between mother and child and question morally speaking which mother would carry a child for nine months then give the child away shortly after delivery. Many conservative Christians see this as tampering with the miracle of life.

Surrogacy is definitely a complicated topic which should focus on the wellbeing of the child.


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