Inappropriate Marketing for kids


The link here shows just how much every company tries to aim its marketing to children because they recognize what a powerful market it is. There are a few retailers around the world that have begun to sell Playboy merchandise aimed at young children. And the products aren’t just limited to clothes, but also include pencil cases, notebooks, and pencils that these children are supposed to bring to school.


The article condemns the fact that pornography has become a mainstream topic, and people don’t take into consideration that it may be harmful to children later in life. This, of course, is true, and should be studied. However, the reason that this clicked with me is that advertisers are recognizing that children are a huge market and that they are more likely to be in charge of the buying decisions than the parents are.


Since there is a huge amount of media being bombarded at children, it is likely that they may encounter Playboy in many ways. For example, if an older sister is watching E!, the topic might be more sexual than a kid would encounter in media that she chooses to consume. Therefore, there is already brand recognition for the Playboy name in all ages. Marketers see this, and then take advantage of it.


Like Consuming Kids showed, Playboy is very likely using the latest psychology to convince children that their products are harmless fun and cool to own. Then, the children who are truly in charge of the purchases, convince their parents to buy them these sexualized products.

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