Welcome to the repository of first-year writing (FYW) courses! Choose the course you’re looking for in the courses’ drop-down menu and select a professor’s name to access all their lesson plans for a semester-long course along with all student’facing learning materials that go with the lesson. You may teach the course of the professor of your choice as it is or borrow specific materials, complete lessons, or entire unit toward your own course! Resources for conducting small group and individual conferences are also available for professors who choose to include them throughout the essay drafting process.

To use this website, please¬† save the link of this faculty site as a shortcut in your bookmarks tab, read the lesson plan for a particular unit’s lesson, and open the student-facing learning materials linked to at the top of that lesson’s page in a new tab. Keep the faculty site and the corresponding student site open concurrently in separate tabs to be able to move back and forth easily between the faculty-oriented lesson instructions and student-oriented materials.

On this faculty site, in addition to detailed lesson plans, you will also find a blog on various activities and pedagogical innovations or alternative activities/resources for a FYW course. Lesson plans are primarily designed for a 6 hour/week writing course with 15-20 English language learners, but they are also designed to be easily adapted to other contexts. We are also developing new courses regularly that we hope will reflect other languages and contexts. We are looking to collaborate and design new courses to reflect various approaches in the hope that this course repository can be a resource for faculty development in writing studies.

You are invited to submit book reviews on writing pedagogy or short pedagogical articles that describe activities for a writing classroom or your experiences using the course in your context. We would be happy to publish your entries on our blog to share resources and ideas about writing pedagogy. We especially encourage entries about writing in diverse international contexts and among underrepresented populations. We would also be happy to collaborate with you to develop a writing course site adapted to your own needs. Please email entries to: firstyearwriting2018@gmail.com

Acknowledgment: This website is available thanks to funding from the Baruch College Center for Teaching and Learning, the English Department, and the Student Academic Consulting Center. Further, we would like to thank course designers and writing fellows who have developed and updated content, and maintained the website. We also would like to thank Purdue University and The University of Toledo for inspiring some of the materials on the site.