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The Walk on Monday

Leo Nin

When we went on the walk on Monday, we went by some places that I had never been by even though I have been a student at Baruch for almost a year.  It made me think of this neighborhood in comparison  to the neighborhood I live in and roles I play in each.  I realized that they are not much different.  Walking by Gramercy Park reminded me of Bowne Park in my neighborhood, especially when I saw the youths playing basketball.  In both parks, groups of people get together to play basketball, football, or another sport to just have fun and forget about everything else for a while.  This also made me think of how my role in each neighborhood and if it changes.  My main role at home is to be a good son and brother and a trustworthy and loyal friend.  It also consists of other things such as being a good employee when at work and just being an overall good citizen.  Although I also have friends here at Baruch, my main role here shifts a little to being a hardworking student and making sure the opportunity I have here is not wasted.  Although the roles may seem different, they both strive toward the goal of being the best person I  can be.

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The Course So Far

Leo Nin

The first day I walked into English 2150 I was a bit skeptical.  A theme of race and justice seemed to be better suited for a Law or maybe Politics class than an English class.  The first few minutes of the class did not help my skepticism.  Professor Moriah was frankly a bit intimidating when being completely straightforward about the class being a serious one with no room for fooling around.  She was apparently too intimidating for a few people because they walked out of the room before the period was over.  With all this being said, however, I have enjoyed the semester thus far.

The main thing that I have enjoyed about the semester so far is the required readings.  While race and justice focuses on a specific topic, there are plenty of more popular works of literature that could have been chosen as require readings.  One that comes to mind is To Kill A Mockingbird, which tells the story of Atticus Finch.  However, the readings which were chosen, Brothers and Keepers and Prison Writings, are lesser known works which perhaps fewer are aware of.  Before this class, I was unaware of both works and their authors, Leonard Peltier and John Edgar Wideman.  This class allowed me to broaden my horizons and learn about new issues I was previously unaware of, such as the true misfortunes of Native Americans throughout history.

I have no doubt most, if not all, of us have already been required to read To Kill A Mockingbird or will be required to read it in the near future.  I have already read it.  I wouldn’t want to take an atypical English class with the typical readings.  That is what has made this class special so far.

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this workshop showed me all of the great internships that various companies have to offer to baruch students. I cant wait to start on my internship

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managing college relationships

this workshop was especially helpful for me because at the beginning of the semester i had to deal with my girlfriend going away to college. the workshop showed me good ways to get through the semester and keep my relationship going

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the club fair

the club fair showed me all of the clubs that baruch has to offer. after going to the fair i was amazed with how many clubs there were that are to my interests

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nature photography

the nature photography exhibit at the baruch art gallery was filled with beautiful pictures of outdoor scenery

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blood drive

the blood drive is a good event that everyone should participate in. It was really nice to see everyone donating and blood and helping a good cause

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Community Service

Three weekends ago my father and I went to volenteer at a soup kitchen at St. Pauls. I grew up there. As a child I went to pre-school and have very fond memories of the place and decided for my volenteer work it would be a proper place to give back to the community. I spoke about this requirement with my father and he decided that he would accompany me, seeing as he had nothing else to do that day.  When we arrived I saw old teachers and not one but two of my old pre school friends just pulling in to help with the activites of the day. The first one to arrive was Robert, I remembered him running around in a Power Rangers costume while I (in a Batman costume) would have adventures together on the playground. For us? It was a big deal.

The secound person to arrive was my best friend from those years. Her name was Erica and we constantly drew together when we were little. It was all very nice to see them again and we have all since reconnected due to this meeting. So really I’m quite happy I did it.

The day’s events went like any other soup kitchen we awoke early and spent the time we had preparing and getting ready for the rest of the morning. After everything was prepped and ready Erica and I decided to go and open the doors to let everyone in. Little did we know that Robert was already outside serving bowls to everyone, which may I add he was not supposed to do. However, he inspired us so Erica and I decided to one up him. She grabed an entire pot and I rummaged around the kitchen to find the spoons and we darted outside.

My father and Robert’s father were still inside wondering where everyone was but more on that later…

As Erica and I came outside more and more people started to line up to be served, soon we realized that one pot simply would not cut it and convinced Robert to end his crusade to feed the hungry and do it the right way. Well, that and we didn’t all feel like getting yelled at by an angry nun. Both Robert and I rememberd that well.

When we cleared it with the Father we opened the doors and soon the entire hall was filled to the brim with hungry people being served. Robert and I decided the room needed entertainment in advance and checked with the Father and we were allowed to use the stage. I set up my guitar and amplifier and Robert his drum set while Erica sang. All in all? We were a hit. We did a bunch of chirstmas songs, knowing it was a bit to early but we decided it would be a nice thought either way.

My day progressed with either running around the kitchen to make more of the soup, serving about 150 people at a time, and running back onstage to play when the others went into the kitchen, only when we all had a moment did we playtogether.

The day was wonderful and honestly it didn’t feel like a school requirement but more of a humanitain responsibility. I enjoyed by time there and gained, rather, regained two of my old friends. All in all?  A great day.

My workshops are soon to follow.

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It was kind of awkward watching my self making a speech. I was very nervous and have a broken speech. I hope in the future I will be a better public speaker and not get so nervous in front of a group of people.

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career workshop

I went to the last career workshop on November 24th since there were not any other workshops left. It was very helpful and I learn a lot. I’m so glad that I got all the workshops out of the way. Freshmen Seminar has been fun and informative.

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