The final blog post..

My first semester at Baruch was a defintite smack in the face. The workload took sometime to get use to. I had to create study habits and I found myself scheduling every hour of everyday. Sure it took some time to get use to it and I definetly had a hard time adjusting but it made me feel ready to take college on full force. Overall the first semester was a great experience. I met some amazing people, made some great friends, and found some great food. Anyway, I feel like I definetly didn’t do as good as I should’ve been the first semester. Which is exactly what I need to change. Since the beginning of the year I’ve become more school oriented and I can now run off of five hours of sleep. For next semester I’m definetly going to start working harder earlier and tackle assignments with more focus and positive attitude. As I said overall it was a great eye opening experience. I’m now ready to continue into a richer much more productive college experience.