The final blog post..

My first semester at Baruch was a defintite smack in the face. The workload took sometime to get use to. I had to create study habits and I found myself scheduling every hour of everyday. Sure it took some time to get use to it and I definetly had a hard time adjusting but it made me feel ready to take college on full force. Overall the first semester was a great experience. I met some amazing people, made some great friends, and found some great food. Anyway, I feel like I definetly didn’t do as good as I should’ve been the first semester. Which is exactly what I need to change. Since the beginning of the year I’ve become more school oriented and I can now run off of five hours of sleep. For next semester I’m definetly going to start working harder earlier and tackle assignments with more focus and positive attitude. As I said overall it was a great eye opening experience. I’m now ready to continue into a richer much more productive college experience.

Community Service

Community service is a huge part of what I do with my free time. Whenever I have the chance I try to participate in the upcoming walk or helping to clean up a park or even the smallest form of community service, giving a homeless person a dollar or two. Community service isn’t really a service to me. It’s something that I choose to do because at the end of the day I can look back and say to myself that I made a difference. That is an outstanding feeling. That is why I spent about a year volunteering at the ASPCA. Beside my love of animals, the other factor that came into play when making the ddecision to join the ASPCA was the fact that I wouldn’t only be helping an animal find a better home but I would also be helping individuals find an animal they would love and care for. That genereated within me an amazing sense of self-accomplishment. I will definetly end up going back to the ASPCA and I will definetly continue attending as many benefit walks as I possibly can. Reason being because as I said it’s not a service it’s a choice.

Friendship at it”s best

Geez it’s 12:43a.m and I’m writing my monologue. I’m going to be honest I know it’s late but no i don’t care cause there is a reason for it. Well, first let me ask you all two rhetoric questions. What does friendship mean to you? Do you have a best friend? I myself have four best friends. My girlfriend Michelle, I could go on for days about her, but I won’t you guys don’t need to know. My buddy Matt, he’s a crazy bastard.  My cousin Karlos. Karlos with a k just saying. Love him like a brother and Erica past crush, current best friend. She’s actually the reason this monologue is late. You see when i say best friend I don’t mean it in a low key kind of way I mean i would literally step in front of a car, get shot or even get arrested for. Fun fun stuff when you just helped your best friend break into her own house and you get busted ten seconds later. Freezing your ass off and passing around a single drink while trying to make conversation with the police is fun. Evidently I’m not in jail. Obviously, but still i almost ended up locked up and for what? Breaking and entering? No for helping a friend. A friend that doesn’t just mean the world to me but a friend that makes the days go by faster. Now i know you guys may not care about my life or some of you do. I don’t know I’m probably just rambling here but still, either way I’m going to stop here by saying what’s life if you don’t live it? Or in a musician’s perspective what’s the point in playing one note when you can play a chord. Sorry if you don’t get the analogy but yea I’m done.

What can i really say?

For starters, I’m an extremely easy person to approach, i’m lighthearted and ready to do anything. Life is all about fun so i choose to keep it that way by embracing all styles of music and anyone willing to attempt to get to know me. I won’t lie, if you mess with me i don’t waste anytime with negative occurences so you should probably expect me to just stop talking to you. That’s just a far warning but anyway. There are a few songs that pretty much run my life because of meaning and energy, i guess you could say my life is run off music because i practically live and breathe it. So that is me, a lighthearted music loving easily approachable individual just living life to the fullest.

Anyway the three concerns about my freshman year in Baruch are simple. Number one is failing a class. A simple concern but definetly one of them. I just worry that one class may be overwhelming. The second concern would have to be not being able to participate in something such as a club. The reason is because that is one of the main things I want to do while at Baruch. The third concern is not having the full college experience. The reason for that is because the college experience is so widely talked about as being one of the best things to experience so I’d like to experience it myself.

The college experience is going to cause me to wake up to the real world, open my eyes to opportunity and change the way i conduct myself. The freedom you get as a college student is definetly different than that of a high school student. The workload is definetly not that of a highschool student. The first year is definetly going to be a blast no matter the amount of work and it’s definetly going to start to shape a new part of myself that i’ll learn to love.

College is going to be a blast!