Final Blog

My experience at Baruch has been a bit shaky but has lived up to what I expected college to be like. This first semester has been somewhat of a wake-up call to me; I understand that nothing is going to be spoon-fed to you anymore and you’re responsible for everything that’s required of you in college. To be completely honest I think that this first semester could have gone much better for me if I didn’t prioritize other things over the work that was given to me by my professors but I think I did rather well. If I could have done anything differently during this semester it would have been putting the work that was given to be ahead of everything else and making a better effort to learn as much as I can from every class. Punctuality is definitely something that I should have been working on as well during the first semester (this blog being an example of that). Finally, if I were to reflect upon the ways that I have changed at Baruch I believe that I would have to ask myself in what ways have I not changed. After a semester at Baruch my religious affiliation has changed, I’ve become much more interested in knowing about the world around us, I am more serious towards most issues, and the list goes on. But the one thing that I would have to say is the most important of all these changes is the desire I now have to go out and make a difference in the world.