Born in Northport, Long Island, New York, I’ve lived on Long Island for my entire life. I have one sister that I love dearly and am so proud to have her follow in my footsteps. She looks up to me and that means a lot. I try to share a lot with her. When I grew up on Long Island, I was always interested in transportation. At three years old, I had my own train set, and by the time I was 10, I was knee-deep in exploring the wonderful world of aviation. Playing the piano is also one of my passions, but music–not so much. I’ve been playing since I was three and I thank my dad for giving me lessons (even though I though I had no use for it when I was ten years old).

When I came to Baruch, my main concern was getting good, solid grades so by the time I was ready to enter a field in the airlines, I would be viewed as a good candidate for the position. I was happy with my schedule and appreciated having Mondays off, but my fears had escaped me and the work wasn’t that bad and I feel that I performed pretty well.

In high school, I did pretty well too, but I think college is different in the sense that there is so much more freedom. The way you want to work is left entirely up to you, as are your classes, and your fate at the school. Another major difference are the different levels of opinions that range in the school, and their rationale behind them. 180 countries being represented in one school will never be represented in a single high school.