Matthew Gottesman – Reflection on Baruch

My expectations of Baruch were somewhat high when I first came in- Some people calling it the star of the CUNY system, and people in my neighborhood calling me things like a “genius” for entering Baruch. The opinion holds little weight seeing as how a low percent of my neighborhood is college educated, but I digress – My own personal opinion was that Baruch was a good place to be, with strong programs and interesting people. From the day I stepped in a bold, complex assortment of personalities and goals were to be found at every corner. Professors were highly accredited with books and websites dedicated to their fields, impressing me and motivating me to perform better. My uncle is employed here and he had told me of how Baruch has a great environment for education, and at a great cost.

Looking at Baruch in retrospect and to the future, for the money that one pays, it is the highest value in NYC for a non-dorming college experience, one that I am grateful and excited for.

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Reflection-Michael Skowron

I wanna say that baruch really did live up to my expectations, im pleased to say. The actual classes are not too bad outside of bio. Im not gonna lie our class got a few bad professors but thats life for ya. My first semester wont be a 4.0 gpa so therefore im obligated by my family to say it didnt go as well as it should have. If i could do a couple things differently it would defiently to not be lazy in bio lab and actually do the prelabs, oo id also redo my midterm. I really havent changed at all in these last couple months, im the same as i was coming in. All in all im happy with my college life, and im going to miss having class with this fro alot but i know i made friends thatll hopefully last me thru the rest of my baruch experince.

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Reflection: Catherine Cespedes

So this is what being a bearcat is like huh. I’ve found Baruch to be such a different experience, by constantly meeting new  people with different ambitions and getting to know them. I really didn’t know what to expect from the school, I knew that it was a commuter school so I figured it wasn’t really going to feel like a school but thanks to my block and volleyball I got to enjoy my first semester. I think Baruch exceeded my expectations by far, I didn’t plan on meeting such hilarious or motivated individuals. Especially Eddie, Mirlinda, Toni the tree, Kate, Jasmine, and Tori. Honestly I feel like the first semester flew by, after September everything just feels like a fast paced blur, well minus the ridiculous pain-staking long Precalc class we had to endure.  Although I think I could have done better in classes, there’s always room for improvement, after all we were all still adjusting to the high school-college experience. But now that the semester is coming to an end, I know what to expect next semester and won’t make the same mistakes as I did this one. If I could start the semester over, I think I’d actually try to learn. Well, as in I’d give more effort into my work and try to be a lot more organized. I think procrastination hit an all-time high for me this semester and assignments are currently  piled up and I dread having to face them. I feel now that I’ve experienced a bit of Baruch, I’ve realized this is the real thing, that no jokes aside this is where everything counts. I feel I changed in that now I realize how important my academics are and how far they’re going to take me. Now that I’ve realized this and luckily it’s early on, I will and have been a lot more determined on doing well lately. I’ve been open to different perspectives and more willing to hear others out.  I’m content with the way my experience at Baruch has gone, and I feel like as from now it can only better.

Block 55, its been real <3

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REFLECTION: Victoria Podlubny

Going to a school like Baruch really has exceeded my expectations. To be honest, during the summertime I would always think about going to college and doing everything possible to get good grades, meet some great people and simply  just get an education and move on to making lots of money. I really did not think I would enjoy school as much as I am right now. I am so happy that I get to be in such a comfortable environment everyday. My first semester has been pretty laid-back, even though when I was a senior all of my older friends would tell me that it was hell for them. So I am actually quite relieved that it’s not as bad as some people said it was going to be. My schedule for all of my classes was pretty fantastic because the hours fit my own schedule outside of school and they weren’t exhausting. However, the classes that I am taking now, could have been a little better and by that I mean the professors. But I guess I have to get used to that kind of thing because I am more than sure that this is not the only time that it’s going to happen to me, so I have to manage somehow. My intense laziness sometimes prevents me from accomplishing tasks to the best of my ability and that is exactly what I would love to work on to change myself in. Because I know that I could have preformed a lot better  academically, but I guess the whole change of High School to College thing still didn’t wear off. Other that that, I would not change a thing. Transitions are always hard, so it’s something I’m sure most of us have to work on because the only person pushing you at school to do better is yourself. I do not believe I changed yet from the time I entered Baruch until now, but I do believe that I will change once this semester is over because then I’m really on my own. I met some amazing friends that truly helped me overcome all the hardships of school. I did not think that on the first day I would make such wonderful friends and that we would continue being such great friends even after the first few days. I am really happy that I met a group of people that were exactly like me and some opposite of myself but that is why we all get along. It’s funny how just after a few months of knowing each other, I feel as though we have been friends forever. I know that making friends isn’t the entire point of my college experience, but it sure is a HUGE part of it!


OH and whoops all of them are doing it so I’m not going to be an outcast : SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF MY NEW AMAZING FRIENDS ; Sheila, Anjelica, Mike, Kolbein, and Youssef

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Mandatory #3

Baruch has definitely lived up to my expectations in most ways… I didn’t want a college that was all the same type of people like my High School and I made the most diverse friends here in my block and clubs I joined. Shoutouttttt to Sheila, Victoria, Kolbein, Mike, Youssef and the rest of Block 55!

My first semester was good except I had to drop math because I was failing. In the beginning I was also feeling a little bit down because of the lack of a campus… most of my friends commuted so it was hard to go out together. As the semester went on though that all changed. I’ve been able to go hangout with my school friends and people from the dorm. I had alot of fun making new friends, hanging out, joining AIESEC, and the work load was not as bad as I imagined it to be. I now know that I really need to study more next semester though and not leave everything to the last minute.

There are few things that I would change about this semester. I would definitely not have failed out of math if i could do this all over again. Also, I would have made freshman seminar 2 semesters because I feel like we are all just starting to get closer but the semester is basically done.

Baruch did not change me as much as being in NYC did. I guess I was a little bit sheltered before since Long Island is its own bubble. I’ve met so many interesting people, I’ve had alot of cool experiences, and I’ve learned how to be on my own. 🙂 I’m excited to see what the future has in store as my friendships grow stronger and I get closer to my career goals!

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Sheila Sohayegh Mandatory 3

So far my experience at Baruch as definitely exceeded my expectations.  I have had a great first semester so far and things have been moving smoothly.  Aside from some cracks in the road (certain professors), I truly enjoy being a student at Baruch College.  If I was back being a senior at my high school and it was time to decide where to go to school, I would definitely choose Baruch again.  Coming in on my first day (or even getting my acceptance letter), I was really dreading the whole thing.  I wanted to be really far from home on a campus life school with a football team that everybody loved.  Baruch is clearly the opposite.  I am so pleased though.  My block is definitely what is making this experience as amazing as it is (it also hasn’t started snowing yet- NYC snow is gross).  The freshman seminar program is an extremely smart idea and they definitely should continue it in the future (but it should be 3 credits).  If I could go back and do things differently I would study a little bit every day so that right before exams I would not be so stressed.  Baruch has made me a more independent and more focused adult (and a soon to be Hipster).  I have realized that my parents won’t always be there for me and eventually I will need to stand on my own two feet completely.  I am still learning to manage my time properly with all this freedom that I have but I have definitely improved since August.  I have made friendships that will last for years to come and my goal for the future is to master my networking skills.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kristen, Ms. Venturo, and the DFA block- especially Mike, Victoria, Anjelica, Kolbein, and Youssef.  =]

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So the first semester is almost over and I am kind of glad. It has nothing to do with Baruch, but it has to do with the fact that laziness is hitting home. I have ALLL early classes every single day and I feel burnt out. I need a break, then I will be ready again. Baruch was pretty much what I expected. I went to school, did my work, not too much stress, met some new people, kept the old friends closer…..but it was pretty good. I was planning to join clubs and become part of the school spirit… no, that didn’t happen. Well maybe next year? I have no clue what Baruch will bring next for me. I don’t know what problems I will face, who I will meet or what I will do in the future. I am taking it day by day. My first semester was fairly pleasant (besides waking up early every single day- but that won’t happen next term). My professors were all nice; no one was brutal. My grades were good. I met new people and got used to the city/college life style. I DO NOT want to go back to high school where we had no freedom. It was pretty cool to just stroll out of bed think “Hey I feel like going to the TODAY Show to see Robert Pattinson right before sociology” or “I am going to Herald Square before class to hang out.” (By the way it was pretty cool to see Robert Pattinson 5 ft away from me).  This is why I love NYC – so much to do and so much to see. I think if I could redo this semester I would have probably joined a club and focused a little more in biology lecture. I guess that is pretty much it; I don’t know what else I could do. I guess I have become more academically focused and concentrated since I started college. I am able to put my best into all I have to do and I learned to not procrastinate. Let’s see what next semester brings; until then……ITS VACATION TIME 🙂

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My First Semester~

It’s almost December, and my first semester at Baruch is nearly complete. I remember the first week of school feeling shy since I knew no one in my block, and worried that I’d end up getting lost going to class. But since then, things have changed. I’ve made friends in and out of my block, and people at Baruch are pretty nice. I consider Jay-J to be the first real friend that I’ve made at Baruch, and I thought she was a cool, down to earth chick who worked way too much! Kate and Eddie are really cool too; it’s funny how Kate always messes up around us and we never cease to have fun picking on her (in a nice way).

Baruch College overall met my expectations. I think my first semester went well, but I definitely could’ve done more things to make it better. I could’ve dedicated more time to studying, so that I wouldn’t have done so poorly on some tests 🙁 Boo-hoo. I could’ve also joined a sorority, but I guess I left that off for next semester knowing that I should get use to the school first.

During my first semester at Baruch College, I also heard rumors that almost 50% of the people who major in Accounting drop out. Or something along those lines. That did get me thinking though. First, would I even make it that far to be an accountant? Second, do I even want to be an accountant? It’s too late now to change schools for me in my opinion, but if I had a chance to do it all over again, I might’ve chosen to go to a different school to major in a medical field.

I’ve changed a bit since I’ve started at Baruch College. I could definitely say that I try to be more outgoing and talkative than I usually am.  I also try to be more dependent on myself, rather than relying on others. If I don’t understand something, I usually make it a priority to take it upon myself to be responsible and figure out how to do it without anyone’s help. I don’t want to be a bother to some people just because I’m too lazy to do something myself. Besides, I can’t keep relying on people for the rest of my life.

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Reflection-Youssef Mamdouh

Being at Baruch has met all my expectations. I thought going in that I would be challenged and I’d also have a good time, and I am. All my classes have been challenging enough for me to stay involved in class but they haven’t been too hard. I’m also having a good time making friends and meeting new people from different places, and it helps open up my eyes to the amount of great opportunities I have at Baruch as well. I think my first semester went by really well. Grade wise, I’ve been doing very well and that is making me very happy. Minus one class, I haven’t been having too much trouble keeping up and doing well. In terms of socializing, it’s also been great. I’ve made lots of new friends who I have a great time with! If I could start the semester over again the only thing I would do would be to study more. I’ve been slacking by studying the night before, and although it hasn’t been a big deal, I could have done better on some of my exams if I studied for a longer period of time. I wouldn’t really do anything else differently because I’m very happy and content with my first semester. I feel like I am much more responsible now, and I’m more of an adult. I’m in a different place now than when I was in high school, and I’m more mature. Baruch hasn’t changed me but being in college has. I’ve become a lot more independent and I learned I can’t really wait for and depend/rely on others for a lot of things. I think it’s been a positive change, and hopefully it stays that way.

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Reflection – Kate Pangilinan

Getting into Baruch wasn’t exactly the highlight of my life so my expectations were next to nothing. I only chose to go here because it was affordable and really fantastic place to get my BBA. I didn’t expect to be partying every weekend because of the lack of a campus, my lack of a fake ID, and my lack of money, since clubs and drinks aren’t free. And I didn’t expect to make friends with anyone because that’s what everyone told me commuter college life would entail.

Well, I’m still not partying every weekend, but I do go out every so often; and I realize now that it really is such a good thing that I go to school in the city because there is always something to do (and if you disagree with me then you aren’t looking hard enough!). I also question the social capability of everyone who told me that I’d be a hermit for the next four years because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I feel like my first semester went swimmingly academically and socially. The only thing I would change would be missing a few classes and literally waiting last minute to do almost all my school work. It’s a bad habit I’ve developed and I’m sort of just waiting for it to turn around and kill me come Finals week.

I think I’m less shy and less serious than I was before Baruch, but I don’t really think I’ve changed very much from the person I was last year this time around.

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