Second Workshop

This workshop definitely helped some students who wanted to enter the corporate world after Baruch. I feel like it sometimes got too informative and boring but to anyone who was interested in the subject, this more than likely would have some kind of appeal to them. The people presenting seemed pretty enthusiastic about the subject about being professional so i guess overall it was pretty good.

Baruch Voices

This was actually a lot more interesting than i thought it would be. Some of the stories were a bit more personal than i thought they would be as well. The people performing their monologues weren’t too shabby either. Overall pretty good experience, definitely expected a bunch of prudes talking about how perfect life was. Chairs weren’t  as good as some people thought because they were not tall people friendly..


Hahahaha, I love that we get to write about anything we want in this class. Such swag, but yes so she literally said we can write ” i don’t care, leave me alone I’m tired” but I won’t be douche like some of the other kids i suspect in this class. Im actually pretty glad i have classes with some people from high school so the friend making process isn’t as difficult. I really hope this class isn’t pointless especially since its pretty early in the morning. I don’t understand, in high school, i used to come in earlier than now and leave later than i do, and i’d come in everyday with no breaks, but it just felt more natural. I’m barely here but i still feel the same amount of stress just knowing since the semesters are so short that every little bit of work counts and i can’t miss a thing. I can’t rely on my foolproof, “I’ll just do good next semester to bring my grade up”. Its much shorter but much more intense and stressful which doesn’t really help my situation now. Lets just get this over with so i can enjoy that little month and a half off in december/january :).


I dont know what i want to be in the future. I always get asked that question. When i was younger, i had dreams of becoming a professional ice skater, a singer, a pastry chef, and a teacher. But now, looking back at those careers, i dont really want to be any of them. Im scared that im not going to find something that im going to be happy doing. I want to find something that will keep me excited, and interested to do well in my job. I hope i find out soon.

who am i?

Hi my name is Michelle Sachar. I am now 18 years old and was born and raised in Queens. I graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in Spring 2011, and now I am a freshman at Baruch College. School, honestly, is not someplace that I’d want to be but rather someplace I have to be to have a successful career in the future. This semester was a wake up call for me. A wake up call that what i do in school will reflect what kind of job i get in the future.

Second workshop

definitely an interesting workshop, learned a lot about the corporate world and what in entails.
It got a bit boring at times but overall very informative.  The chairs were very nice and the room was very well lit, the door opened quite nicely, and the stairs were very well built

Baruch voices

Although a bit boring at times and despite the fact that we were locked in the building (no joke) the show definitely wasn’t bad, a bit too personal of stories were presented but overall the actors did a good job at animating the monologues and making them intriguing.

Who am I?

Im me, Im me, Baby Im me, lol yes im lil wayne. Im honsetly me i cant be anyone else, the only person i can be is the person i am (too complicated), no use in complaining, you just gotta embrace yourself and love whatever you have cause you are awesome

Words of wisdom by daniel siryakov