Second Workshop

This workshop definitely helped some students who wanted to enter the corporate world after Baruch. I feel like it sometimes got too informative and boring but to anyone who was interested in the subject, this more than likely would have some kind of appeal to them. The people presenting seemed pretty enthusiastic about the subject about being professional so i guess overall it was pretty good.

Baruch Voices

This was actually a lot more interesting than i thought it would be. Some of the stories were a bit more personal than i thought they would be as well. The people performing their monologues weren’t too shabby either. Overall pretty good experience, definitely expected a bunch of prudes talking about how perfect life was. Chairs weren’t ¬†as good as some people thought because they were not tall people friendly..


Hahahaha, I love that we get to write about anything we want in this class. Such swag, but yes so she literally said we can write ” i don’t care, leave me alone I’m tired” but I won’t be douche like some of the other kids i suspect in this class. Im actually pretty glad i have classes with some people from high school so the friend making process isn’t as difficult. I really hope this class isn’t pointless especially since its pretty early in the morning. I don’t understand, in high school, i used to come in earlier than now and leave later than i do, and i’d come in everyday with no breaks, but it just felt more natural. I’m barely here but i still feel the same amount of stress just knowing since the semesters are so short that every little bit of work counts and i can’t miss a thing. I can’t rely on my foolproof, “I’ll just do good next semester to bring my grade up”. Its much shorter but much more intense and stressful which doesn’t really help my situation now. Lets just get this over with so i can enjoy that little month and a half off in december/january :).

Who am I?

I am a Baruch freshman who’d rather visit the dentist than go to school in the morning. I am a person who’s friends left behind to go away to college. I am a person who is forced (yes forced) to attend a school that I only knew because kids in high-school used to make fun of it, calling it Baruchlyn Tech.I am a student who has a job and works 30+ hours a week “Part-time” after and in-between school hours. I am a person who’s grades are suffering because of these work hours. I am the definition of STRESSED.

On a better note, my name is Steven Saenz, yeah I makes it obvious. My main concern about freshman year is just maintaining a decent average so I can transfer before sophomore year. My next biggest concern is how I’m going to manage my time between 30 hours of work, “56” hours of sleep, and school >.> Finally, my last concern is whats happening with my friends Eddie and Richard. I used to be really close with these guys but ever since we’ve arrived here at Baruch, things just aren’t the same. We all plan on transferring to a school that a girl I had to break-up with after high-school (Due to me not having the monies) attends. Let le drama begin.

My Baruch experience is pretty much equivalent to my high school experience (hence the Baruchlyn Tech joke) because this is where the students who didn’t get into their top choices attend. The only differences between the two would probably be the commute to Baruch is further, I’m here for MUCH longer than I was there and I have like 500 less friends.

My first year of college was definitely a wake-up call for the real world. Professors definitely don’t care if you miss the class everyday, they’ll just drop you and still sleep at night while you’re boned because you paid $825 to be there. It also made me realize that Asher Roth is a liar (regarding the stories he tells in “I Love College”) and I probably shouldn’t have taken advice from students who didn’t attend CUNY schools. I feel like in the long-run the responsibility and time management I’m learning now will pay off in my future years at other schools and beyond. I appreciate that Baruch will be a stepping stone in my life to help me go where I want to and be the President of this towns countries, i still eat doughnuts, mmm scrumptious….what.