Greetings,I am Tiffany Huang.

Well, I have showed this to a couple of friends on Facebook and they said it was quite accurate. I will take their word for it. I’m a strange person aren’t I? I’m shy but I’m also outrageously wild. I’m over-dramatic but also apathetic. My character is full of contradictions! But don’t worry; I haven’t been diagnosed with bipolar disorder…yet! In most cases, if I don’t feel comfortable, I’ll be on the quiet and shy side.  If I do feel comfortable, and it does take me a while to get used to things, I’ll be more vocal and excited about things.

You can say that my personality leans towards both sides of extremity. However, I think it is a matter of my comfort level at the situation. In high school, I had to struggle for the longest time to make friends. It wasn’t until senior year that I had found friends who cared and liked me for who I am (or at least I hope they did!).

The internet is a world where anyone can retain some degree of anonymity. Even though people know it’s me behind that username, I’ve been told that I act like a completely different person, more vocal, excited, and sometimes weird.

As a result of my timidity and perhaps even reluctance to step outside of the box in real life, I’ve turned to the digital arts to get attention and express myself. That would also explain why senior year was the best year in my high school career — my major started learning about Flash animation and other fun digital arts. So in my animation, I decided to reflect on my personality and turn it into my subconscious mind’s documentary about me!

My character cannot be summarized in just one word alone. I act on both sides of extremes, because life would just be boring if everything took the middle road. In my personal blog, I described myself as, “I am merely the ordinary, the different, the extraordinary. I am a different kind of wallflower”. This is who I am; I have many layers of dimensions. Take it or leave it.


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