World Off, Music On. (Maricar Vazquez)

They say that a person’s playlist can tell you a lot about their character. When looking at my playlist, one of the first things that you might notice is that they are from a variety of genres. To me, music is a universal language. It does not matter if it’s rap, country, reggae, rock, or classical, because in all these forms, music is expressing what cannot be expressed with words. I also really like the lyrics of all my songs on this playlist because at one point in my life, they described everything I was feeling. I am a hopeless romantic so the lyrics of each song mean a lot to me. I love songs that have upbeat music where you just end up finding yourself dancing and singing along. Sometimes, I just picture myself driving down an empty highway with the wind in my hair while these songs play in the background. Music has always been in my life, I love to play music, listen to music, and find new music. There is not a day that goes by without me listening to music. Every morning, I turn on Pandora and listen to music while I get ready for class. It seems that the songs that play help boost my mood even when I am not having such a good day. For me, music is inspirational, beautiful, and unifying. I guess that’s who I am. I am a person who loves to explore different boundaries, whether it is in music, culture, or new adventures. I am mysterious, because music has so many different meanings and each person gets a different message from each song. I am undefined, I can be anything I want if I choose to do so just like how music can be anything it wants. I think that I am like that, a person who just wants to be free to be whatever she wants to be.

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