Brian post # 2 greatest accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment thus far is probably getting a decent grade on NYSSMA for my level 6 piano solo because I know I’m not that great and I didn’t have time to prepare for it. My teacher told us about NYSSMA approximately 2 months prior to the test, but fortunately I worked on one of the pieces before.On the day of the exam it was made known that original sheet music was required which i did not have. Luckily my friend and I were able to purchase the original sheets and just barely make it on time for our exam. We were both anxious about what was to come , so we decided to flip a coin to see who would go in first. I lost of course and had to be the first to take the exam. During my performance, I made a few mistakes here and there, but I still managed to get almost the full score for the performance. Luckily for me, performing the piece made up most of the points for the test. I lost so many points for playing the scales and sight reading.

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