Deesha Tikamdas- Post 4

I am usually the type of person who hates going to museums because I find them really boring. All I do is walk around and look at paintings or sculptures that do not mean anything to me. These paintings or sculptures make me want to fall asleep. Then, I leave the museum and find the nearest Starbucks to wake myself up. However, there was something different about the Rubin museum. Its odd shaped staircase fascinated me the moment I entered the building. The map on one of the walls of the building was quite interesting to observe as well. What really caught my attention was the meditation room. I have never meditated before, and attempting to meditate in the little corner of the museum that played calm music was very relaxing. I remember I was having a bad day when we visited the museum because I had hurt my ankle and I was not able to walk fast. Meditating in the museum and listening to the calm music helped me forget about the pain in my ankle and about everything else that was stressing me out. In the future, I plan on visiting the Rubin museum again and attempting to meditate.

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