I’m a big believer in “by any means necessary”. I do whatever I need to do to make sure I’m happy and I try to forget the consequences if there are any. I like it that way. I live at home with my parents in Queens, where we moved to after my grandparents moved from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you ask me though, I’m from Queens. I’m a true New Yorker, but sadly I still believe in things like train etiquette and minding your own business when no one else is. My brother just turned ten the day before Halloween, and I can’t think of anything on this planet I love more than him. Because we’re pretty far apart in age, I think he often sees me as a “second mom” than he does a fun big sister. I’m the biggest JayZ fan I know; I’ve been to five of his concerts and cry my heart out each and every time. I have no shame in that though, cause its true love. I curse like a sailor, or a truck driver, whichever you prefer, I have tattoos and I have a very low tolerance for BS. Although those factors are unladylike, I do very much so love being a woman in this world. 

I am still getting used to college life, admittedly because there’s a lot of freedom that comes with it and I much rather go to work than go to school. I work in retail and although what I do is tiring and makes me unmotivated to wake up every morning to get here, I know in the end it’s worth it. I was always an English nerd, so if I could take just English class for the entire day, I probably would. The workload has proven to be a lot but I was definitely scaring myself into thinking college was an endless pit of work. Majoring in journalism seems fitting for me, even though I’m like the only journalism major in a business school. It’s not something many people would enjoy doing, but everything will work out by any means necessary. 

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