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Workshop post

My favorite workshop we have participated in was the News Literacy workshop. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to attending because it sounded boring. I was pleasantly surprised though; the content of the workshop was interesting and the stories used to prove their points were ones I have not heard of before. I appreciate the people who put the   workshop together thinking outside of the box to keep us interested and recognizing college freshmen don’t have a very long attention span. It was informative and not as bad as I thought it’d be.

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Meme blog post

This is the perfect meme to describe my life right now. Although I did have Thanksgiving dinner at the dinner table with my family, I feel like I don’t have time for much with both work and school. I’m an assistant manager at a high volume shoe store in Queens, and the title comes with a lot of responsibility. Because the store I work at is a high volume store, there at least twenty employees and its hard to communicate with everyone and be as effective as possible. It’s time consuming and unfortunately work is taking precedent. I’m adjusting thought, and I know things will get easier after the holiday shopping season is over. All in all, I’m glad I experienced my first semester in college and experienced what so many people out there are experiencing; juggling school and work at the same time. Hopefully next semester will be more successful and a hell of a lot less stressful.

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I’m a big believer in “by any means necessary”. I do whatever I need to do to make sure I’m happy and I try to forget the consequences if there are any. I like it that way. I live at home with my parents in Queens, where we moved to after my grandparents moved from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you ask me though, I’m from Queens. I’m a true New Yorker, but sadly I still believe in things like train etiquette and minding your own business when no one else is. My brother just turned ten the day before Halloween, and I can’t think of anything on this planet I love more than him. Because we’re pretty far apart in age, I think he often sees me as a “second mom” than he does a fun big sister. I’m the biggest JayZ fan I know; I’ve been to five of his concerts and cry my heart out each and every time. I have no shame in that though, cause its true love. I curse like a sailor, or a truck driver, whichever you prefer, I have tattoos and I have a very low tolerance for BS. Although those factors are unladylike, I do very much so love being a woman in this world. 

I am still getting used to college life, admittedly because there’s a lot of freedom that comes with it and I much rather go to work than go to school. I work in retail and although what I do is tiring and makes me unmotivated to wake up every morning to get here, I know in the end it’s worth it. I was always an English nerd, so if I could take just English class for the entire day, I probably would. The workload has proven to be a lot but I was definitely scaring myself into thinking college was an endless pit of work. Majoring in journalism seems fitting for me, even though I’m like the only journalism major in a business school. It’s not something many people would enjoy doing, but everything will work out by any means necessary. 
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My 10 Song Playlist!

After almost an hour of scrolling through my iTunes and asking my family members for their advice, I finally have a playlist that suits me. Every song on this playlist is either indicative of the kind of person I am or has some significance to me. “Diamonds are Forever” is the song I walked out to at my Sweet Sixteen. I am a huge Jay-Z fan, and as a result, I am a huge Kanye West fan…and a fan of the Shirley Bassey sample that starts the song. “Cherchez La Ghost” is on my playlist because its one of my favorite old school hip-hop songs with a really smooth beat and by one of my favorite old school rappers. Anyone who’s a fan of Wu-Tang should go a little deeper and listen to each artist’s independent works, especially Ghostface’s. I promise you won’t be disappointed. “As We Lay” is off the spectrum; the only reason why its on my playlist is because I learned to love Shirley Murdock’s voice in this song from my mother. Because she loved this song and always played it, this song reminds me a lot of my childhood. “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle” are two songs by my favorite artist of all time, Jay-Z. I feel like these two songs scream Tiffany because of their composition as well as the times in which they were released. I have a slight Jay-Z obsession so having these two songs on my playlist is only right. “Hot Music” is a house music song; I listen to a lot of genres of music including house music, thanks to my step-father. He has a funky taste in music but also loves the classics, so I learned how to love Jay-Z but also love underground house from him. “Llloraras” is a salsa song that I danced to at my Sweet Sixteen, and its important to me because it acknowledges my cultural background. Puerto Ricans and Cubans alike love this song and it truly captures my ethnic background all in one. “Maria Maria” is a song that was on my first physical CD, which was a Carlos Santana CD. This song is a mix of hip-hop (which I love) but also has Carlos Santana playing the guitar on it, so its an awesome mix of two genres. “I Still Believe” is on my list because every little girl thinks she can become a popstar, and I honestly thought this was the song that was going to make me a popstar as a kid. Needless to say, I am not the next Mariah Carey, but it reminds me a lot of my childhood. Last but not least, I was and am a huge Aaliyah fan so it is only right that I put one of her songs on my playlist. She was another person I tried to imitate during my childhood singing days and her death deeply affected me as kid because I was so in love with her at the time.

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