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College is all about making choices and sacrifices.  Adjusting to college can be somewhat difficult because it is definitely a change from high school.  In college it you become more independent, teachers are not there for you as much because they have thousands of students unlike in my high school where there was only about 900 kids in total.  So the work load and responsibilities relies on you only.  That is where sacrifices come into play, you have to learn to give up sleep or a social life sometimes in order to be able to get good grades and finish all of your work.  Especially now when finals are extremely close, I can feel my stress level rising just thinking about all of the work that I need to get done within in the next week.

However, I can say that I do enjoy the freedom of college.  I do miss my friends from high school that went away to college, but making friends at Baruch took a little time but it is coming along now.

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