A True College Student !



My first semester here at Baruch College really opened my eyes to what college is like. I never thought I would be getting the full college experience because I am a commuter, and I don’t dorm like most college students. However, my college experience was just like everyone else’s. This semester, I had long boring lecture classes, made a great group of friends, stressed over exams and more importantly, procrastinated; Just like all of my friends who dorm at their college. Although, my first semester was challenging, I am looking forward to the rest of my time at Baruch College! 🙂

Author: m.noel


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  1. i feel the ‘group projects’ and ‘finals week’ ones so much. i usually force myself to endure group projects and only truly enjoy them if i do them with close people i can trust. and the finals week one speaks for itself haha.

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