The Counseling Center

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017, I decided to visit the Counseling Center that was taken place on the 2nd floor in the Newman Vertical Campus lobby. They had a mini table set up with brochures and information on the prevention of suicide. What made me interested in going was actually from a song 1 – 800 – 273 – 8255 by Logic. Walking up, they greeted us with small gifts such as a stress ball and a credit card holder that you stick to the back of your phone (I honestly don’t know what they’re called but let’s go with that). Immediately, they introduced themselves and what their role was in Baruch. I was drawn fairly quickly due to the fact that they were so welcoming and how they are important to the Baruch community when it comes to the students’ emotional health. When asked about how a student can overcome their depression, they answered with confident about what the student should do and how they can help. A positive outcome to the Counseling Center is the fact that it is free for all students. They also offer many services for students who are looking for the one that suits them the best. Students can visit the Counseling Center if they are stressed, depressed, or have suicidal thoughts. The Counseling Center is definitely there to help ease their mind. Besides the mass amount of information they presented to us, they also displayed an information board on suicide, that includes statistics, to further educate Baruch students about suicide. At the end of the short meeting, I was content that I decided to go and learn about the Counseling Center and what they do. It is a possibility that I will be visiting the Counseling Center when I need to destress myself in the future. If you need to speak to someone in private about how or what you’re feeling, I highly recommend going to the Counseling Center.    

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